User Policy

         MLOps works with a AWS cross-account role that enables us to read your datasources, create AWS Sagemaker and               AWS Glue jobs. You can inspect the full Cloudformation stack used on your account here.


         Furthermore, the following applies to all MLOps users:


  1.   MLOps will not save any of your datasources or any other customer specific information unless an explicit permission    has been given. Our goal will always be to save the minimum amount of data on you for having an operational                    platform.

   2.   MLOps will save metadata on all customers interaction with the platform such as       preprocessing scripts, training                scripts, datasource paths, metrics on model performance etc. Exactly what data we have stored on you can be                        accessed at any time by emailing


   3.   MLOps will never sell or provide any of your data, metadata or other information to a third-party provider without                    your  explicit consent.


   4.   When you use the MLOps platform, you pay for the SaaS application and all it's provided accessories. The price you                pay for this does not include the costs for training and deploying machine learning models on AWS Sagemaker or                    creating datasets on AWS Glue with Spark. There will also be an insignificant extra cost on your account based on the            amount of usage due to the fact that we collect events via CloudWatch.